C. Raymond Hunt Associates Staff

Hunt Design Staff

Top row from left to right:

Peter S. Boyce
Principal Designer, graduated from Tufts University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and has been with the firm since 1972.

Robert P. Provencal
Designer, studied machine design at the Community College of Rhode Island. Previously employed at Gladding‐Hearn Shipbuilding, Bob joined the Hunt staff in 1988 and is a specialist in commercial vessel design and metal construction.

Winn Willard
President of Hunt Design, is a graduate of Babson College with a degree in Business Administration and Economics. Winn studied naval architecture at the University of Michigan, is a member of SNAME, and has been with Hunt Design since 1970.

John H. Deknatel
Chairman of Hunt Design, is a Harvard College graduate. John studied at the Harvard School of Design prior to joining Philip L. Rhodes, Naval Architects. He went to work for Ray Hunt in 1963 and assumed leadership of the firm in 1969 for the next 45 years.

Stephen M. Weld Senior
Designer, is a graduate of Bowdoin College and the University of Pennsylvania. Steve joined the staff of Hunt Design in 1983.

Benjamin I. Stoddard
Designer, is a graduate of Lewis & Clark College, Landing School of Yacht Design, IYRS, and Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding. Before joining the firm in 2014, Ben was employed by Pearson, US Watercraft, and C.W. Hood Yachts. Ben brings a wide range of experience and skills to Hunt Design.

Bottom row from left to right:

Craig J. Obara
Naval Architect and Engineer, received his Masters of Science in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from the University of Michigan. Previously employed at Gulfstar and at Pearson Yachts, Craig joined the Hunt staff in 1985.

Kathleen Sempos
Office Manager, is a graduate of Cape Cod Community College and Northeastern University's Paralegal Program. Kathy has been with Hunt Design since 2010.

Serene M. Rousseau
Office Manager and Website Administrator, is a graduate of Boston College. Serene joined the Hunt staff in 2006.

Joel R. Neider
Designer, was previously employed at Gladding‐Hearn Shipbuilding and Edey and Duff, Ltd. Joel joined Hunt Design in 1996 and specializes in 3D modeling and rendering.