Hunt Designed Pilot Boats

Pilot service has changed over the past 20 years, with deeper draft ships requiring longer runs from shore-side pilot stations. Faster ships and lessened turnaround time require higher boarding speeds, sometimes 10 knots or more. The Hunt deep-V hull is not only a proven rough weather performer, but also performs well when boarding, remaining stable when in contact with a ship, with no tendency to become stuck alongside. Over the years, the sophistication of interior accommodations has also changed. Pilots now sit in state-of-the-art Stidd seats, fully adjustable for comfort and support. Noise levels are controlled better and pilot safety increased with wide side decks, heated handrails and rescue systems. Designs take into account the unique requirements and preferences of each pilot organization.

The Pilot Boats designed by C. Raymond Hunt Associates are grouped into Classes. Each Class refers to a group of vessels that use a common hull design with varying profiles and layouts. Each Class is named for the first vessel built to that design.

Ray Hunt Design Alaska Class Pilot Boats

Alaska Class

A 75-foot aluminum waterjet pilot boat based on the proven Texas class but designed with heating systems and equipment to operate safely in the cold Alaska waters.

Commercial Pilot Boats

Charleston Class

A 75-foot twin screw pilot boat that was originally developed for the severe conditions in Alaska waters. It was quickly adapted for use in warmer waters of the southern US. Two vessels were built for the Charleston Pilots and a third was delivered to the Lake Charles Pilots.

Commercial Pilot Boats

Chesapeake Class

A 53-foot aluminum pilot boat developed for the Maryland and Virginia Pilot organizations as an enhancement of the St. John's Class design with increased sheer height, beam, and topsides flair for severe offshore service. Eleven vessels have been built since this class's inception in 2001.

Commercial Pilot Boats

Gulf Class

A 63-foot twin screw pilot boat developed to meet the need for a larger, more seakindly vessel for those pilots who needed to go further offshore or remain out on station for short periods of time. Three vessels ranging from 63' to 67' have been built with varying layouts and profiles.

Commercial Pilot Boats

Los Angeles Class

A 52-foot pilot launch developed for the Los Angeles Pilots. These vessels were built with moulded FRP hulls and aluminum deckhouses. Two vessels have been built to this design thus far.

Commercial Pilot Boats

Resilient Class

A 43-foot aluminum waterjet driven RIB developed to address the need for a small, maneuverable, shallow draft boat for in or near shore use. Collar options of foam, hybrid foam and air, or air collar are available. Three vessels have been built, the most recent delivered in late 2007.

Commercial Pilot Boats

Texas Class

A 70-foot waterjet propelled vessel developed for the Galveston Texas Pilots to satisfy the need for a larger, safe, fast and maneuverable vessel that would be capable of higher speeds even when further offshore. A second vessel was built in 2010.

Commercial Pilot Boats

61ft Search & Rescue/Pilot Boat

St. David was designed and built to Lloyds Register Rules for the Bermuda Dept. of Marine and Port Services. She serves a dual role as Bermuda's primary Pilot boat and as its offshore Search and Rescue boat. St. David launched in October 2011.

Commercial Pilot Boats

St. John's Class

A 53-foot aluminum pilot launch developed for the St. John's River Pilots based on the highly successful 50-foot Delaware and 51-foot Virginia pilot boats. Six vessels have been built thus far the most recent delivered in 2008.